Lordís Day 52 Themes and Divisions


W. B. Slomp


The Lord teaches us to trust him in the midst of a world full of temptations


We must:


1.      Withstand the lure of Satan

2.      Persevere in the midst of trials

3.      Be assured of Godís listening ear


H. Kalkman


Godís children cry to their father from the midst of the battle


1.      A cry for help against their enemies

2.      A cry of a certain and a glorious victory


W. Bredenhof


The Lord Jesus teaches us to end our prayer with:


1.      A confession of our weakness

2.      A confession of Godís sovereign might and majesty

3.      A confession of faith


C. Bouwman


Jesus instructs us to ask Father not to test us because we canít handle temptation


1.      Where temptations come from

2.      Why we ask for no temptations

3.      What the consequences of the prayer are


C. Stam


Christ teaches the church of the latter days to pray for the perseverance of the saints


1.      The ultimate petition of the church

2.      The final certainty of the church


C. Van Spronsen


In Godís strength we will overcome


1.      Who and what is against us

2.      Who is for us

3.      The certain victory


R. H. Bremmer


Your only comfort in the conclusion of the Lordís Prayer


1.      The final petition of our prayer

2.      The final basis of our prayer

3.      The final word of our prayer


J. Kok


The praying soldier


He prays:


1.      That he might know himself

2.      That he might know his enemies

3.      That he might know his God


Our fellowship with Christ in the spiritual warfare


1.      Through faith

2.      In prayer

3.      To victory


Jesus Christ and the conclusion of our prayer


1.      He teaches us to pray for strength

2.      He calls us to trust the Father

3.      He guarantees a hearing for our prayers